Ignored issue on project codes


(Fanny Tan) #1

Hi all,

I am using SonarQube 6.7.5

I clone one of my project and do some codes cleaning right now. Both of the projects are using same quality profile.

My developer is cleaning the codes in the cloning repository. Both of them were analyzed today. And the results of the analysis is slightly different on specific file when codes in the file is not cleaned yet by developer. Here is a picture to help understand what I am trying to explained.

On the left is the cloned project, it has 2 more bugs than on the right, the original project.
The different is on extend class to same class name on different package issue.
I have checked that both of them break the rules. But the original is not raise it as an issue.
Other issue is logger on abstract controller which happens because extend issue.

So I assume that the original is igonoring extend class to same class name on different package as an issue.

Why is that? Or maybe there is other answer to why this is happen?

(Fanny Tan) #3

Any updates for this issue?

(Elena Vilchik) #4

Hello @fanny_tan,

Looks like there is a problem with project build, some semantic information is missing during the analysis, so you don’t see some issues.

Could you provide logs of both analyses, original and clone?
Also tell if the parameters of analyses are the same.