Ignore multiline comment in pl/sql coverage report

SonarQube Enterprise version 9.5
We have multiline comments in our pl/sql packages. utPlSql ignore them when we generate coverage report, but when sonarqube importing this report there is mismatch in lines coverage. For example

How we can fix this?

Hey there.

SonarQube only reads coverage reports – it isn’t involved in generating them.

Why does your coverage report show these lines as being covered at all if it’s a multi-line comment?

Because utPlSql ignore them

… but they still appear in your raw coverage report (the XML file you’ve shared a screenshot of), which means they aren’t being ignored.

When the report is generated and the comment is ignored, the coverage line is correct

Since it looks like GitHub - utPLSQL/utPLSQL: Testing Framework for PL/SQL maintains the Sonar test reporter for this tool, you should probably raise an issue on their Github repository. The expectation for SonarQube is that that the line number reported matches the source code which is analyzed.

Ok, thanks for response.