Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria is not working for external_roslyn:CA2254


I’m trying to use Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria in one project. The project language is C#, and current configuration like this

After this configuration I’m still getting coment for external_roslyn:CA2254 in my PR. Here is an example comment

I couldn’t find what is the issue here. Thanks in advance

Hey there.

It’s not possible to suppress external issues in this manner. I would recommend turning this rule off in Visual Studio itself if you want to suppress it for all files.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the answer.

I can do this with .editorconfig. Does that count?

dotnet_diagnostic.CA2254.severity = none

As long as it stops the issues from being raised during your build :+1:

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It didn’t work with the .editorconfig, but I did this by updating the project file. When we add the NoWarn config, it’ll be ok.

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