Ignore all Code Smells on a project

Is it possible to ignore all the code smells on a particular project? We just want to view Bugs, Vulnerabilities and Security Hotspots.
We’re using SQ Enterprise 8.9.1.


Hello, just another user of SonarQube…

  1. Code Smell – A maintainability issue that makes your code confusing and difficult to maintain.
    Reference: Issues | SonarQube Docs

Before you do the following, maybe it is good to review with your team on the flagged issues to assess its validity and value.
Maybe you can try the following:

  1. Click on Issues to see all issues.
  2. On the left side (The filter side menu), click on “Code Smell”
  3. Click on the select all checkbox beside the “Bulk Change” button
  4. Click on “Bulk Change” and select “Resolved as false positive”
  5. Click OK
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Another option is to remove the Code Smell rules from your Quality Profile. If you’re currently using a built-in, Sonar way profile, you won’t be able to edit it. You’ll need to first copy its contents to a new profile and then edit the result.