If SonarQube scanning rules are updated via a version upgrade installation file

We are using SonarQube 10.3
We are wondering if SonarQube scanning rules are updated via SonarQube installer or via scanners. Any information is appreciated.


there’s no Sonarqube installer.
i.e. the installation / update from zip in a nutshell is

  • edit the database and other required settings in extracted Sonarqube_new/conf/sonar.properties
  • stop your Sonarqube service
  • uninstall your Sonarqube service
  • install Sonarqube service for new version
  • start Sonarqube service …

Every Sonarqube version ships with its builtin scanners in $SONARQUBE_HOME/lib/extensions
There are several jars with a name like sonar-<language>-plugin-<version>.jar
In the past it was possible to update individual scanners, i.e. the sonar-java-plugin, but that’s not possible anymore, means if you want the most recent language scanners you have to go with Sonarqube latest.
Every language scanner plugin provides its rules and a quality profile named ‘Sonar way’