I want to know that the efficiency of sonarqube do work

such as line per second/ file per second, so on.
does community have these experience can advice?

Hey there.

It would be interesting to hear another community member chime in, but I can tell you that we (SonarSource) don’t have these numbers available. It’s highly dependent on language, complexity of a given rule, size of a file… it’s not as easy as “five files a second”.

Can you help us understand how you’d use these figures? As comparison to other tools, something else?

Eh , Maybe files per second is not a correct said said;
But ,how about lines per second ;such as 1ml/s;

We really don’t have any relevant figures to share, so I propose coming back to this:

So ,it is just a idea ,not really a action now .
I look from the web that

Thank for your help and advise.