are not semver compatible leading to Renovatebot failures

While automating updates of 3rd party tools I stumbled upon an issue with Renovate updating the sonar-scanner:
“depName”: “SonarSource/sonar-scanner-cli”,
“currentValue”: “”,
“datasource”: “github-releases”,
“skipReason”: “unsupported-value”
Renovate complains because it expects a semver compatible version and sonar-scanner doesn’t have a semver compatible version.

I had a quick look at prior versions in the sonar-scanner releases list and it looks like the third number is unused and almost always 0, could you simply switch to semver compatible versions to do everyone a favor? The only workaround is to configure a special regex for use exclusively with sonar-scanner (because other developers have other funny ideas how version numbers work and thus making a generic solution unfeasible =( )

Now version numbers with 4 components seem to be not too uncommon, so I will need to file a RFE for renovate also, but it looks like it could be fixed very easily on your side!

So please consider to drop the unused version component and make your version number semver compatible!

Sorry for the very late reply.
We use the same versioning convention for all our components, so it’s not something done specifically for the scanner CLI and it’s not something we will change for the scanner CLI. As you mentioned, having 4 numbers is not uncommon. The third one is not 0 for patches (bug fix versions).