HTML not visible in Sonarqube messages posted to Gitlab

  • SonarQube 7.9.2 (build 30863)
  • Scanner 7.9.2
  • Gitlab Community Edition 12.9.4

We got the following message posted from the CI runner to our Gitlab instance:

:arrow_down_small: Surround this <li> item tag by a <ul> or <ol> container one. [:blue_book:]( @tobi

– which is rendered like this:

The HTML tags are not displayed, obviously, and should be wrapped in backticks:

:arrow_down_small: Surround this `<li>` item tag by a `<ul>` or `<ol>` container one. [:blue_book:]( @tobi

Hi @p3k,

It seems that you are using an external provider to create your annotations on GitLab side because we do not have a native integration for GitLab on the 7.9, nor a plugin for GL integration that we would maintain.
By the way, please note that starting SQ 8.1, we are supporting GitLab integration, not yet annotation but it’s in our roadmap for this year.

It’s rather up to the plugins or “integrators” to take care of this formatting, as there might be differences on the way rules messages are displayed depending on the contexts.
I invite your to contact the provider of the integration.


ah, sure! sorry for bothering… :cat:

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