How to use "sonar-dotnet" from repository?

I have downloaded this project → GitHub - SonarSource/sonar-dotnet: Code analyzer for C# and VB.NET projects

My main goal is to deploy rules from this project into my SonarQube server “http://localhost:9000/”.

However, I don’t know what to do with the massive files within “sonar-dotnet”. Even though I explore every link that README provided, I am still totally lost and can’t figure out the exact method to achieve this goal.

So, please, can somebody give me advice about the method to accomplish this issue?


Welcome to the community!

Congratulations, you’re already done! :tada:

Jokes aside, you don’t have to deploy anything because that project is shipped as an embedded component of SonarQube. The rules are already onboard. Just take a look at the Rules page.


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