How to turn off GitHub PR comments by SonarCloud

This is regarding this topic.

For the life of me I can’t find this setting in our SonarCloud. Can you walk me through how to get to this setting?

We’re using the Github Integration.

Do you need to be an organisation admin to do this?

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You can find it here:<project_key>
The section is called: “Integration with GitHub”. It is present in the “Administration” menu, you have to be the owner/admin of the org to change it.


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We don’t see any of those settings.

Entering the URL gives You are not authorized to access this page. Please log in with more privileges and try again. Even for an Github org admin.

Is it possible that there’s a diffference when using SonarCloud for organisations (as opposed to personal github account)? For example our projects URL looks like this:

Do you see this menu on the project view?

You should click General Settings and then “Pull Requests” on the left side. There, there is an option to switch of comments:


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Hey, there is no “Administration”, although my colleague has org admin rights. Any cues? See screenshot

Our problem was somewhat unrelated to the original question. Fortunately Marcin was able to resolve this.

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