How to solve Sonarqube server vulnerability

We have a sonarqube self hosted server in our company, version
I have also attached the server info json.
The problem is that I received an alert from our IT team that the server has some vulnerability (also attached) and must be solved. We have a sonarqube license renewal in a few days and i am not sure how to solve this issue and the sonarqube sales person sent me here so I hope i can get some answers before the renewal.
sonarqube-support-info-E4CB8B4C-AXqpp_MiwcU084gQ5Jf3-2023-1-1-11-9.json (15.2 KB)

As 9.0 is neither LTS nor current, you’ll probably won’t get any support from SonarSource. Your best try is to upgrade to latest 9.x and if there are vunerabilities to report them again.
If can delay and hold the pressure of IT, the next LTS is already announced for February.