How to showing message from gometalinter to bitubucket


(Ari Karniawan) #1

Hallo everyone,

Sonarqube : Community Edition Version 7.2.1
Programming language : GOlang
Plugin : Gometalinter

Basically, I using Gometalinter to check our quality code. and I am using bitbucket webhook and jenkins to execute sonarscan. After sonarscan finish, i want to showing Gometalinter result to bitbucket pull request page.

My problem is the result from Gometalinter can’t showing in bitbucket PR page.

Anyone have same problem like me. If yes, please advice.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


This question doesn’t strike me as having much to do with SonarQube (or do I misunderstand?). You might have better luck asking it in a community for GoMetaLinter or BitBucket.