How to setup PR decoration for multiple repositories?

SonarQube Version: (Developer edition)
For historical reasons our project resides in separate repos for Front-end, Back-end, and other parts of the system. We need to specify multiple repositories within the same GitHub organization, so that their PRs are all analyzed. The user guide didn’t help (at least we couldn’t find the answer there).
So far we have tried to specify multiple repos in the corresponding input field, but instead it stopped working entirely. Specifying individual repo works alright, but this is not enough for us. Moving to the Enterprise verion is too expensive for us.

Does our version of SonarQube even support what we are looking for?

Hi Albert,

Multiple configuration for each ALM is only supported on the Enterprise Edition and above.

For more, please see our documentation.


Hello Albert
I might add some details on top of @Emre_Ersen answer above.
If I understand correctly you are trying to assemble a single SonarQube project from several repositories from Is that correct?

This is not possible indeed with your Developer Edition, not because multiple ALM feature is only in the Enterprise and above editions (you are only using and a single organization afaiu), but because a SonarQube project comes from a single repository (for ALM integration features to be used), and that is true for all editions.

With the Enterprise Edition and above, we have the Applications feature. It allows tying branches of multiple projects of the same application and assessing their ‘releasability’ together.

Best regards

Hi Sylvain,

I would like to have some clarification regarding

It allows tying branches of multiple projects of the same application and assessing their ‘releasability’ together.

This means the project needs to be under the same repository right?

Hello Jay
in fact tying SonarQube projects from different repositories is exactly the point for Applications.
As you know well, each SonarQube project is bound to a single and different (until we have MMF-2137 implemented) git repository, and an Application will group them together, allowing unified Quality Gate, metrics and ratings for those projects.
A sample of how it’s done is publicly available with the SonarQube Scanners Application.