How to set up pull request decoration

I am using sonarqube community version, and I am using sonarqube-community-branch-plugin1.4.0
I want to set up the function of pull request decoration.
But I read the sonarqube document, set configuration:

  1. global configuration ALM
  2. project configuration Pull Request Decoration → gitlab
  3. I am using gitlab-ci to connect with sonarqube, and I get the result of code analysis, but there is no analysis here :

    Can some one tell what should I do next to make sonarqube to push the decoration to gitlab?

Does the owner of the GitLab Token have “reporter” permission on the project in GitLab?
You should also check the logs via the SonarQube UI:
Administration -> System -> Download Logs -> Compute Engine

In the log search for “Pull Request decoration” message or something similar.

Thank you for your replying.
I have the “developer” permission to the Gitlab Token.
And thank you for your teach me to check logs,
I will check log tomorrow.