How to set quality gate for a specific project

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QQ : At the org level we have a quality gate set to 65% as code coverage but for one of the project we want to set the code coverage as 70% , is there a way to set this?

Hey there.

You would need to create a new Quality Gate with this new coverage threshold. You can then set the Quality Gate for the project from the Quality Gates UI, or by going into the project level Administration > Quality Gate

Thanks Colin,
Is there any other option rather than creating a new Quality Gate? Because we have many projects, creating a Quality Gate for each project can be a hassle to maintain.

Hey there.

Ideally, most of your projects will have the same Quality Requirements (so that a passing Quality Gate means the same thing when discussing many projects). While we don’t encourage having a unique Quality Gate for each project – of course some projects will have different requirements (hopefully only stricter requirements), and it makes sense to have a few. You can see this in action on Sonar’s own instance of SonarQube.

It’s not otherwise possible to enforce a different Quality Gate condition… without making another Quality Gate.