How to see correct lines-of-code counting toward license?

We have developer edition with a 100k lines-of-code limit.

When I add up the lines of code from the 50 projects on the home screen, it totals 82,339
The license progress bar on the license page shows 94% (so around 94,000)
And someone just ran a project that failed saying the license limit was (so over 100,000)

If this is related to someone making a large change in a feature branch, I need a place to view that. Otherwise I have to drill into 50 projects to figure out what team checked in something bad and causing every build in the company to fail.

Is there a place to see the accurate lines-of-code counts from a licensing perspective instead of just the lines-of-code count in the main branch from a coding perspective?


Hi Bill,

Welcome to the community!

We’re planning to release a report to make this easier “soon” (hopefully 9.4 :crossed_fingers:). Unfortunately in the meantime there’s no good way to drill in to see what we’re counting for each project. You need to go through each branch of each project to find the biggest one and add up those numbers.