How to scan source code C/C++ built with TIdev

Currently I am using TIdev to build source code, I want to scan sonar source example built on it

hope to get support

Hi @D_c_Tu_n_Mai
I need some more context to be able to help you.

  1. Just to be clear, are you compiling C, C++, or Objective-C code? Do you want to analyze that code or some other code?

  2. Where are you trying to “scan” it, on, on SonarQube, or in SonarLint?

  3. Can you, please, share the project you’ve set up to build the example?

  4. Finally, do you run the build on a CI? If so, can you share your CI script?

Also, which Texas Instruments compiler do you use?

Hi @D_c_Tu_n_Mai
Do you still experience the issue? In the absence of a reply, I’ll close the topic in 1 week.