How to reset login ID and password of Sonarqube Community Edition on my local computer

Hello Sonarqube Community,

I need help with Sonarqube Community edition to reset authentication, as I forgot my login ID and pasword.

URL : https://localhost:9000/sessions/new?return_to=%2Fprojects

  • versions I am using : SonarQube Scanner

  • SonarQube is deployed with Docker compose file

  • I did my first login successfully, few weeks before. I am trying to login for the second time. I am unable to login as I don’t remember my login and password.

Pls suggest what should be done?

Rahul D.

Check these docs

Thank you. Do we need to run this query in a Docker compose file?

It’s a query against the database you’ve hooked up to SonarQube.

If you haven’t hooked it up to a database (you’re still using the embedded database)… unfortunately, you’re out of luck :confused: