How to not download *all* the sonar modules into the .sonar cache, only the ones needed by my project

Through this other issue

I see Sonar keeps trying to download modules that are not needed in my Kotlin project.
Is there a way to specify the subset of modules actually needed?

Fail to open plugin [cssfamily]: /root/.sonar/cache/7728b54e3bcc08ede812f3ae43f73da6/sonar-cssfamily-plugin.jar
Fail to open plugin [vbnet]: /root/.sonar/cache/9b10819ca7b29beefcd0432aa2cb653e/sonar-vbnet-plugin.jar
Fail to open plugin [javascript]: /root/.sonar/cache/1adfbcde21bbb919ecac4a881a863137/sonar-javascript-plugin.jar

Hey there.

The scanner doesn’t know what analysers it needs until after they are downloaded (as the analysers define what files they scan), so it is not possible.

I would need to run a gradlew command with --no-parallel that only primes the sonar cache
and does nothing else. Is there something like this? Otherwise I have to switch the entire pipeline
to using gradlew --no-parallel which is simply not an option.