How to mount azure file share for sonarqube's /conf, /extension, /data and /logs

I have my sonarqube installed in my virtual machine and I want to mount azure file share for VM sonaqube/conf, sonarqube/extension, sonarqube/data and sonarqube/logs. I have not found any documentation about how this can be done in a Virtual Machine

Hi @pankajdevrani,

Unless I miss something, this is more a topic related to the tools used to run your virtual machine and how to share folders with it.

Let me know if I’m wrong, and please share a more detailed description of what your setup looks like.


@Philippe_Perrin currently I am facing this issue(Failed to start sonar.service)

my sonar.service file content

Can I mount sonarqube /conf folder with like this
I have aleady configured the above settings for /data, /extension and /logs with below settings