How to migrate project data from Bitbucket to Gitlab?

Hi! We are planning to migrate all our projects / git repositories (~50) from Bitbucket to Gitlab. If I understand the documentation correctly, we will need to create a new organization in Sonarcloud bound to Gitlab and then import all projects. Is it at all possible to migrate the project data (i.e. analysis history for quality gates and manual resolutions) from the old organization to the new one?

Hey there,

The only way to have your organization bound to a different DevOps Platform currently is to create a new organization and re-import your repositories there. Unfortunately, that means you’ll lose the results of previous analyses on these projects.

If you have a yearly subscription for your current organization, a new coupon can be issued for your new organization by reaching out to your sale representative.
If you have a monthly subscription by credit card, you can simply stop your subscription on the old organization and re-subscribe on the new one.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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