How to make new project private by default

I am trying to make all our new projects private as soon as I create it. Don’t want to go and change it from project management page.
Currently using sonarqube version 6.7 with latest image installed.


First, 7.9.2 is the current LTS, and 8.1 is the current version. You’ll want to upgrade at your earliest convenience. :slightly_smiling_face:

To answer your question, you’ll want to take a look at permission templates. Let us know if there’s anything unclear in those docs.


Hi, @ganncamp, came across your post searching for this very thing. We’re on 8.x, but the docs aren’t clear.

We can easily create a permission set that restricts access, and it’s the “Default Template” but it doesn’t have the ability to set the project to Private. Nor do the permissions actually seem to work, probably because, well, the project is Public.

How do we set all new projects to Private by default?

Nevermind - found it. It’s a toggle at the top-right, right next to the “Create Project” button on the Admin. Project Management page. I was expecting this to be in the “Template” section, or some administrative configuration.