How to make Bamboo fail if it doesn't meet Quality Gates in SonarQube?

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(Bamboo 6.10.4 - SonarQube version: 7.9.1)


I hope you are well and safe.

I need assistance on the following issue please.
I am working on a C++ code and I have a Bamboo plan with a job that basically:

1- Checks out the Git repo in Bitbucket
2- Creates the SonarQube project properties file
3- Scans C++ code (Sonar Scanner plugin)

And I would like to make the Bamboo plan fail if it doesn’t meet the Quality Gates in SonarQube.

Your help, guidance and suggestions on this matter would be highly appreciated!


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I have no idea of the capabilities in Bamboo. In Jenkins you pause the pipeline until after Jenkins receives the webhook call you can configure to send after server-side processing of the analysis report is complete. The webhook payload is JSON and contains the QG status along with the status of each QG condition. Assuming you can make Bamboo wait, you’ll need to set up a webhook, catch it on the Bamboo side, parse the payload and act on the contents.