How to integrate MSTEST from Jenkins to Sonarqube


How to integrate MSTEST in Jenkins with Sonarqube.

Please suggest any ideas.


You’ll need to run DotCover or OpenCover to run MSTest and generate coverage data.

When you run the BEGIN command of the MSBuild scanner you’ll need to provide the appropriate testing and coverage reporting properties per

Run MSBuild
Run the scanner END command.

Your unit testing and coverage metrics should display in Sonarqube.

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Please also read [Coverage & Test Data] Generate Reports for C#, .

Thanks @RSchaeferHIG ,I will go through the docs and try to publish the results in Sonarqube.

@Andrei_Epure Thanks,I will go through the docs.

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@RSchaeferHIG I am not able to see the content in [ ]

Hi @saisirisha05,

Would it be possible to share the steps taken so far and the logs? It will help us to understand the problem you are facing.

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Sorry about that. I reflexively searched our local docs. Here’s the public link:

@saisirisha05: I’m closing this thread due to lack of feedback. Please open another one if the problem persists, detailing what you have tried so far.