How to integrate Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers

There is a nuget package named Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers which is a roslyn analyzer for c#
For details: roslyn-analyzers/ at main · dotnet/roslyn-analyzers · GitHub

It contains code quality rules begins with CA…For example CA1001

Does Sonarqube roslyn analyzer contains these rules?
If yes, is there a matrix that explains which roslyn ca rules corresponds to which S… rules in sonarqube?
If not how to import this package into sonarqube?
I read Importing Third-Party Issues | SonarQube Docs page but it is not the answer of my question.

Thank you


SonarQube analysis does not contain those rules. At the same time, the docs page you cited explains that results from all 3rd-party Roslyn analyzers that run during the build are automatically included in your SonarQube analysis.

We do not have a mapping between native SonarQube rules and those rules. For the most part they won’t map. We consider that territory covered & don’t see the need to re-address it ourselves.


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Thanks for your answer…
Sonarqube says that we already include microsoft roslyn rules in its web page that’s why i asked the mapping. Which roslyn rules included? That page doesn’t say this…

I wanted to convert Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers nuget package to sonarqube plugin. ı used sonarqube-roslyn-sdk for this but it couldn’t convert that…It can convert other 3th-party analyzers but not this package

How can i see all the rules in this nuget package in Sonarqube? I want this because i want to see microsoft netanalyzer rules on sonarqube…


I’m now out of my depth. We’ll have to wait for the actual .NET folks to show up.