How to include a pseudo class selector in Sonar rules (deep - Vue)

Good morning everyone, I have a question, for the first time I will have to configure a pseudo-class rule, since our PRs are showing the message ‘Unexpected unknown pseudo-class selector “:deep”’, in addition, I saw this post referencing the question (Vue 3 deep selector raising unexpected unknown pseudo-class selector Bug), but I still have doubts, how would the code for this rule be? Do I need to copy a quality profile or can I do it over the original? anyway, basic questions on how to make the rule for the deep.



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It’s not clear to me what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you want to deactivate the rule that raised this issue? Craft a custom rule that’s specific to :deep? Something else?


Hello Ana,

What I was in doubt was how to include a new pseudo class for deletion, I made a copy of the quality profile and inserted the class, with that it worked correctly


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