How to get VAT Invoices

I have a paid SonarCloud subscription and I would like to get VAT Invoices for this bill, as it is meanwhile used/owned by my LTD, rather than my natural person.

How can I proceed?
The current receipts that SonarCloud sends are not useful for Company level book keeping.
They do not even include full address of owner. In any case to be Company accountable, I would need the bill to be “for” my Company Name + address + VAT number (tax code).

Since SonarCloud is billing with Swiss VAT percentage and is based in Geneva, I am surprised there is no obvious place where I can get said invoice. The kind of invoice I receive from SC currently wouldn’t even be useful in Switzerland itself, but that set apart, my Corporation is based in a ultra-bureaucratic country, so I really need my Company full details on the invoice…

Thanks for any hints!

Hello Beda,

Thank you for getting in touch and using SonarCloud.

SonarSource is a Swiss company and we only collect VAT for Swiss based companies. So there is no way to add VAT to your invoice if your company is not in Switzerland.

When you sign up, you have the option to be billed on personal or business level and indicate an address. You can edit this information anytime by going to Administration >> Billing, where you should find a menu like the image below.

Note that it’s not possible to update past invoices and the changes will take effect to future invoices.

Hope this helps.



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excellent - that is what I was looking for.

Sorry I used the term “VAT Invoice” when of course you can’t charge VAT outside the European Economic area. I don’t expec for VAT charged :smiley: - but I need the invoice addressed to the proper details.

I was now able to amend the details adequately, so all good.

Since now you cannot collect VAT (as it is a Overseas Company) does that mean the subscription price drops by the 77cents (7.7% of 10)?


Hello @smileBeda ,

Happy to help!

Hello @smileBeda,

Happy to help!

No, sorry about that :slight_smile: For Swiss based companies, we add the VAT on top of the EUR 10, so they actually pay more.

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