How to get sonarqube to read test reports that are in json format?


Actually, I have a problem because I don’t know how can I get the Sonar read a JSON report and display this data on the dashboard? I was reading this discussion (!topic/sonarqube/HcrkZKVCC6k/discussion) but it seems that Generic Test Coverage Plugin has been deleted. Is there any other possibility?

I tried using the SonarQube WebApi, especially the api/ce/submit command, but when I upload the report the data doesn’tt display on the dashboard.

I hope you can help me with this issue. Thanks for all!

Hi @albert17villar,

Do you see anything in the logs? Perhaps the format is not correct, and thus not displayable.

Also, is there a reason for not using the scanner? That would probably be much easier compared to making webservice calls.