How to get Sonar Report from Enterprise Edition

Hi there, I’m working with my SonarQube Team, we are trying to upgrade from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition. I would like to know how with can get the Sonar Report from the Enterprise Edition after code scan

A few questions to help you:

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Why does this matter to you?
  • How would that look in [product]? Alternatives?
  • How would we know it works well?
  • Why should it be a priority now?


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Could you be specific about which report you’re trying to get? Also, are you just needing to know how to navigate the UI to find it?


Thank you Ann,
in my company, we are trying to implement Enterprise Edition and for that we have to reduce the project in the Community Edition. we want to find out how to get Project PDF Report, and Security Report of our project in the Enterprise Edition


There are 2 project reports, both accessed from the project homepage:

You’ll find the Security Report on the Security Reports tab.


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