How to get new ncloc for new code period

Im using community edition version 9.9
I can take following metrics from new code period analysis

  • New lines
  • New Technical Debt
  • New Coverage

Can I get New LOC count for new code(new_ncloc)? Is it possible ?

Hey there.

Believe it or not, SonarQube doesn’t calculate this metric. We almost did, but it didn’t receive enough traction. SONAR-10228

Just for completeness (and maybe to revive the topic), what would you use this info for?

Hi Colin Thanks for the reply.

We need to know following metrics

  • Newly Added kLOC/newly added code
  • Technical debt(hours)/Newly added kLOC

I just want to confirm some more points too…

  1. Please let me know your plan if its not implemented yet.
  2. I would like to confirm whether this metric not available only in community edition or in all edition ?