How to get details from a historical scan beyond the graphs?

Hello - we’re using SonarQube 7.9.1 LTS & using both Community and testing out the Developer Edition. It’s just java code, SonarJava

The history graphs are very useful, but not enough to discern why the test coverage dropped compared between two points in history. When I look at points in the activity history, is there a way to dive deeper into the older analysis, and not just the overall measures? Can I look into coverage details for specific modules, java packages, and even original source code?

It looks like the only way to discern this data is to rescan the old code on a separate SonarQube instance and dive into the details there. Is this the only way, or is there something I’m missing into looking into the past in historical analysis?


It is possible to use web services (or the graph mouseovers, as you’ve discovered) to get project-level historical values, but we don’t save lower-level history. We used to but found that it wasn’t really used and it bloated the database. Also, as a philosophical side note, we really believe you should be focusing on what’s going on in New Code, so we don’t really focus on tooling to dig in to the past.

That said, it is possible to add custom Events (i.e. short notes) to analyses, so the next time you have an anomaly it would be possible to add a note with the cause to the analysis.

I know it’s not what you want to read, but I hope it helps.


Thank you Ann, I do appreciate the reply. I’ve been able to use the REST api to get some blame data more quickly, but tracing the connection of tests to coverage. It looks like we lost that, and unfortunately accumulated technical debt (one of the potential huge value of your product for us) has made it difficult to reproduce the test runs even from a few weeks ago.

I do appreciate the custom event idea. I’ll put what I could discern to help people in the future.