How to find the owner of a token i have knowledge of

Hi there,

what would be the most easy way for an admin to find out who a token belongs to - besides trying to trigger a project analysis.


  • i am an admin
  • i have knowledge of a token
  • i need to know who is the owner of that token

Is there something that i can trigger with this token (e.g. via WEB_API ) which might help me? Or some other way to research?

I am thinking that some action should leave traces in the logs which i am able to inspect and find out which user is logged with said request/action.


Issuing a web request to <sonarqube_url>/api/uesrs/current using the token will tell you who it belongs to.

curl -u mytoken: 'http://localhost:9000/api/users/current'

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yay, tyvm \o/ … sometimes one doesn’t see the forest for the trees :innocent: (i did scour the api for a fit, but must have overlooked this one … ahh, no, it is marked internal and i did not tick that box :nerd_face: :bulb: )

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