How to enable all important warnings for TS in VSCode SonarTS?

I used to enable all Major warnings in SonarJS in Rider. Now I try to use SonarTS on VSCode and it shows only small amount of issues.

Hello Timothy, thank you for your feedback.

If I understand correctly, you are used to configuring your rule set for SonarJS in Rider, and you are looking for the same feature for SonarTS in VSCode.

For the time being, customization of the rule set is partial in SonarLint for VSCode. Version 1.10.0 (which just got released :tada:) brings one half of the equation: the ability to deactivate a rule (and kill the noise by getting rid of rules that don’t fit your coding style).

The other half - discovery and activation of non-default rules - is currently being specified, and I believe it should land in the next few weeks.

The only workaround that I can think of right now is to connect to SonarCloud or SonarQube, in which case the quality profile defined on server side takes precedence over the local configuration.