How to disable auto scan

we want is to disable auto scan, but keep the PR integration and status check

The problem is that the auto scan overwrite the PR report that Jenkins uploads after that check finishes. If we could just turn off the auto scan piece, the check would be updated correctly and we would be good to go.


Hello @monsam,

To turn off Autoscan you can go to Administration > Automatic Analysis on your project page on SonarCloud. There you will find a toggle to turn off the Automatic Analysis.

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There is no menu like Administration > Automatic Analysis

  1. Administration > Analysis Method
  2. Uncheck SonarCloud Automatic Analysis option


Do I need special permission (I am admin for my project) to be able to access this Analysis method? I don’t see that option under Administration menu.

@TomVanBraband can we please get attention to this issue. We are facing the same issue and our admin can’t see Administration > Automatic Analysis on our project page on SonarCloud. Are we missing anything? Do we have to add file to our repo to disable automatic analysis? I still would like to trigger it the analysis but after I collect my test reports. You can more info about what I’m trying to do here Upload jacocoTestReport data to sonarcloud using github actions

Indeed. The name of the menu is slightly different: Administration > Analysis Method.
And then in that menu, you can see SonarCloud Automatic Analysis toggle, when it’s applicable for the project.

No, that won’t work. The only way to disable automatic analysis is in the Administration > Analysis Method menu.