How to detect source codes that contains a text that matches a pattern

Hi, I am looking for a plugin or solution that works with SonarQube to detect a string that matches a pattern (eg: regex) in any source codes language that is text readable and inclusive or commented source codes.

Some examples of string pattern matching includes:


there’s a free sonar-text plugin, see
You might try the latest pre-release for Sonarqube 7 - which is still alpha - or roll your own plugin inspired by sonar-text sources.


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My Sonarqube is 7.9.4(Community),install the pre-release sonar text plugin,not work .Can not detect *.txt file regular issues.There is a warning:

WARN: Property ‘sonar-text-plugin.file.suffixes’ is not declared as multi-values/property set but was read using ‘getStringArray’ method. The SonarQube plugin declaring this property should be updated.


this plugin is not maintained by Sonarsource. From their github site it seems development has stopped.
The new Sonarqube LTS version 8.9 is expected in early / mid May 2021, so you may try to change their codebase and make it work against the latest Sonarqube version, then come back with any question(s) if any.