How to configure sonarqube associated with AD domain account?

1.Requirement: configure sonrqube to log in with active directory domain account.
2.Version information: sonarqube 7.9.3 configuration details:


4.After sonarqube is started web.log Log information:web.log (12.0 KB)

5.Login failed with AD domain account, as follows:access.log (5.9 KB)

Now I want to configure sonrqube to connect to the AD domain account, but the login has always failed. Who can help me analyze the problem? Thank you very much!
The rest of the log information is as follows:
es.log (3.8 KB) ce.log (1.3 KB) sonar.log (4.0 KB)

I’m eager to get some response. Who can help me? Thank you very much!


Could you please set the log level in DEBUG, try to login and and send us the we.log file ?
Thanks !

Julien Lancelot

First of all, thank you very much for your reply!
The log details after setting the report level to debug level are as follows:web.log (61.4 KB)


Thanks for the logs in DEBUG.
The issue raised during authentication is the following one :

2020.11.18 18:49:28 DEBUG web[AXXa9lLQF5xNmGvvAAAa][o.s.p.l.LdapUsersProvider] User appbugs not found in default
2020.11.18 18:49:28 DEBUG web[AXXa9lLQF5xNmGvvAAAa][auth.event] login failure [cause|No user details][method|FORM][provider|REALM|LDAP][IP|0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1|][login|appbugs]

Could you please check that the user ‘appbugs’ can be found when using the LDAP info you set in the configuration ?

Here is my ad domain account configuration details, as well as my ad domain name details, but login failed.



The weblog log is as follows:web.log (46.1 KB)

Please help me to analyze the problem again! Thank you!


Sorry if I was to clear. The user you’re trying to authenticate with cannot be found with the LDAP search parameters you’ve set.
Could you please use a LDAP tool to check that the query is correct ?


I haven’t used LDAP query tools. Do you know what open source LDAP query tools are available? Please recommend them. Thank you.

I’m sorry I’m not a LDAP expert. I recommend you to ask to your infra team or to the guy who has configured your LDAP.

ok,thank you all the same!

Hi I am very lucky today, I have completed the ad domain account login, through the following configuration,to share with you.

If my understanding is correct, you’ve fixed your issue?

Yes, I have solved this problem. Thank you for your help.

Perfect, thanks !

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