How to configure PR analysis in sonarcloud for bitbucket repo

I have checked the documentation of sonarcloud but it does not give any detailed explanation on how can I configure the PR analysis for my project. Can I get some help here


Welcome to the community!

Help us help you: provide the details of your CI and what you’ve tried.

And also, did you go through the project onboarding wizard?


I have this exact same issue. This feel poorly put together and I’m in my trial.

We’ve setup everything up with the wizard. We are using a 3rd party CI tool to execute the scanner. What I don’t understand is how would sonarcloud know it’s scanning a PR? How does it decorate the PR? I don’t see how the pieces would ever work together. Please assist.

Hi @Brett_Nemeroff,

For some CI’s there’s integration to pull the PR data from the envvars. Codemagic is an example. For others, you’ll need to handle that yourself.