How to call sonarqube api with more than 1 parameter on jenkins groovy script

Hi all,

anyone ever to call api within jenkins pipeline (groovy script) ?
i try to call api with terminal with below statement and it’s work fined:
cov=(curl -k -u {password} ‘{url}/api/measures/componentmetricKeys=coverage&component={keys}’);
but on groovy script the statement was error,
anyone have experience on calling api with more than 1 parameter in groovy script?


i’ve created a shared library for our jenkins pipelines, works without problems for multiple parameters

    // vars/sqRest.groovy

    import groovy.json.*
    def call(url, method, apitoken) {
      println "sqRest => " + url
      def jsonSlurper = new JsonSlurperClassic()
      raw = apitoken + ':'
      bauth = 'Basic ' + javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter.printBase64Binary(raw.getBytes())
      def conn = new URL(url).openConnection() as HttpURLConnection
      conn.setRequestProperty("Authorization", bauth)
      httpstatus = conn.responseCode
      println "sqRest ResponseCode = $httpstatus"
      def object = jsonSlurper.parseText(conn.content.text)

Note the @NonCPS annotation, the use of JsonSlurperClassic and the def scope to prevent
a NotSerializableException

And it’s used like that, e.g. =

withCredentials([string(credentialsId: sonarcreds, variable: 'sonarapitoken')]) {
   sqjson = sqRest("https://${sonarhost}/api/projects/search?projects=${groupId + ':' + artifactId}", 'GET', sonarapitoken)
   println sqjson
   if(sqjson.components.size() == 0) {
     println "create Sonarqube Project ${groupId + ':' + artifactId}"
     sqRest("https://${sonarhost}/api/projects/create?project=${groupId + ':' + artifactId}&name=$artifactId", 'POST', sonarapitoken)

If problems you may also use slashy strings $/ .... /$, e.g.

     sqRest($/https://${sonarhost}/api/projects/create?project=${groupId + ':' + artifactId}&name=$artifactId/$, 'POST', sonarapitoken)


Hi Thanks Gilberts

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