How to add the sonarQube Pull Request analysis


I configuring the SQ vulnerability scanner for our pipelines.

Our plan is to integrate the sonar scan if any new pull request came in azure pipeline at that time the PR is should be scanned via SQ.

My Doubts

  1. Is that possible to scan the Azure pipeline Pull Request with SonarQube.

  2. How to configure this with Azure pipeline

Could you please explain the above clarifications


Yes, it is possible to scan azure pipeline PR.

please follow below link to integrate SQ with Azure Pipelines

Azure DevOps integration (

Thanks Sambasiva_Rao for your help

Hi, One clarification - I am using two azure repos - one is old one and another one is new repo but the code and pipelines are same (i pulled it from my old repo ) here i am trying to scan the pull request with sonar from the new repo isn’t working. but i tried with old repo is working fine i could see the output but new repo PR is created but i couldn’t see any output from sonar.

I need to create any new connection request for new repo ?

Could you please guide me with that issue.