How to accurately get the issues you have introduced in your branch?

Sonar Qube - Version 6.7.5 (build 38563)
And we are Gitlab users

I am working to create a way to get all sonar issues introduced from a particular merge request.

As you know, a merge request will have a Working branch and we will want to merge it to a Target branch

For example: Working branch - Feature-Nick --> Target branch - master

These two branches can diverge by anywhere between a couple and 200ish commits.

I have looked at this link:

But I’m confused who to get what I want here.

I just want to view all code smells that would be getting added to the project were we to complete the merge.

Can it be done without the new Pull Request integration?

I’m trying the following:


My first run I have: = master

Then I purposely add 1 new code smell and run it again = master-with-one-code-smell-added = master

will this work?

See this link:!topic/sonarqube/5Ru2OLptrfs

Answers all my questions.