How is "previous version" for new code working when a version number is not supplied


  • I am using SonarQube developer edition 8.4.
  • Previous version defines new code as any change made in your project’s current version. I am trying to understand how new code period works when “previous version” is selected but a version number is not provided.
  • Some projects do not have a version number supplied and I have noticed that new code is being detected as expected.
  • What is SonarQube’s fall back mechanism to detect new code in such cases.



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When you don’t provide a version, we fill in a default value. Something like “notprovided” IIRC.

These projects should be examined individually. It could be that a different New Code Period setting has been chosen at the project level. Additionally, its’ worth noting that new code detection should work correctly in the context of PR analysis even if you don’t have a good New Code Period set up on the project as a whole.


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