How do I configure sonar cloud in Android Studio for a gradle project? Facing an error "Permission denied"

Build teardown
Skipping cache upload for failed step
Searching for files matching artifact pattern build/libs/**
Searching for test report files in directories named [test-results, failsafe-reports, test-reports, TestResults, surefire-reports] down to a depth of 4
Finished scanning for test reports. Found 0 test report files.
Merged test suites, total number tests is 0, with 0 failures and 0 errors.

Hey there.

I don’t see the error message you mention in your title in the logs you posted.

Hi Colin,
Thank you for your reply.
Below is the actual block where the expected error message is displayed.

  • gradle/gradle-6.8.3/bin/gradle sonarqube
    bash: gradle/gradle-6.8.3/bin/gradle: Permission denied

Sounds like your issue is with Gradle and not SonarCloud – specifically, you might need to make sure Gradle is executable and accessible by your user (Troubleshooting builds)

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