How could I get the feature list of different built-in plugin, like sonarJava?

Hi, we are using SonarQube to support company’s project static analysis for a long time. But when our user ask us:
Question type 1: Does SonarQube support Java8 /Java9, Does SonarQube fully support C++ 11(Not Sure)? Does it support lambda-included analysis…(Not sure)?
Question type 2: Does SonarQube is much more stronger than Coverity ?(Maybe?) What is its using static analysis technology?(Symbolic execution) Does it support interprocedural analysis?(No)

Like these question, I am not sure for this answer… Where Can I get these reference material? (If it doesn’t have, does sonarqube have any plan about this detailed list)

Up to know, I know this website:
That is to say, anything about the ability of analyzer, I can get from the analyzer homepage or the above website~?