How can I get Lines Of Code increasing using api?

how can I get Lines Of Code increasing using api? I would like to get all datas according to date for all year. I have 485 projects in sonarqube and I need to increasing lines of code to periods. When the projects taken to the sonarqube server.Could u please assist ?

Hey there.

SonarQube doesn’t store aggregate Lines of Code information historically (unless you’re using Enterprise Edition and you have a Portfolio with All Projects included.

If understanding the Lines of Code metric historically is a must, you may find that the GET api/measures/search_history Web API would be useful in the effort of forecasting Lines of Code utilization on your instance, as it allows you to gain information about the full measure history of a project. Iterating through all projects on your instance and extracting historical information regarding the ncLoc metric would help you gain further insight into the history of your instance.

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