How can I fail Build if SOnarLINT issues are reported

Hi ,

I want hard stopper for Build that is I want to fail build even if one single sonar Lint Issue occurs how can i do it. Currently it shows all Sonar Lint error, but it is not failing build even if this failure is occuring. what should i do ??

Also can you let me know is there any configuration in project where we can put this hard stopper and fail build if sonarLINT error occurs.

Hello, thank you for your question.

SonarLint is an IDE extension, so I don’t quite understand how it would fail your build. Which IDE and/or build system are you using?

Hi Its normal Solution Build Project which i want to fail.

Hi I want to Build normal Build in Visual Studio. I want to fail the Solution Build if any of the SonarLint is reporting an Issue.

You haven’t said which language(s) you are using.

If you are analysing C#/VB code and are using standalone mode then you can set the severity of a rule to Error in a ruleset/.editorconfig file, which will cause the build to fail. See the wiki for more information.