How can I extract the severity data only for vulnerability in the issues field?

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to extract the severity data reported for the vulnerability but I’m having it extremely difficult. I’m using the python-api and when it returns the blocking and critical severities, it returns the total (the sum of bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells). Is there a way to disaggregate this information.
On the other hand, I have been testing the web api but it only returns a limited number of projects (500) and it doesn’t work for me. Also, it doesn’t return the values ​​I want.
Can anyone help me to know if it is possible to separate this data?
Thank you very much

Please does anyone know anything about this? thanx

Hey there

If you have questions about using GitHub - shijl0925/python-sonarqube-api: Python wrapper for the SonarQube (Community Edition and Enterprise Edition) and SonarCloud API., you should probably direct them to the project’s maintainer.

You’ll need to handle pagination.

The Web API documentation should list pagination parameters for any API you’re calling (such as GET api/projects/search, which accepts p (page) and ps (page size) parameters. It means making multiple API calls, like:


hello Colin,
thanks for your answer. I’m going to try to contact people on github who use the project.