Housekeeping / version event

(Günter Wirth) #1


We are using version numbers with 4 digits, the last number is the build number. Forwarding this to SQ creates in bigger teams typically more than one version event per day. As a result housekeeping is not working ( because snapshots have version events assigned.

Is there a possibility to clean-up ignoring version events?

On the same day this version number with build number is very useful. But after a day/week, … it could be ignored.


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Guenter,

We’re discussing this subject internally, but it’s still early days.

In the meantime, I’d recommend a little CI-side scripting to trim the build number off the version string you pass into analysis. That’s what we do.


(Günter Wirth) #3

Hi Ann,

Thx for your fast answer.

Two cents from my side:

  • Would be good if feature works (clean-up) existing projects.
  • Different projects have different version number formats. So maybe you can provide a filter to define the “long-living” part of the version string.
  • Or simple flag: Keep only one version per day / week / month / year, …

Looking forward to see your solution.