Help with "Error during SonarScanner execution java.lang.IllegalStateException"

Trying to get SonarQube configured for our Xcode project. I created a new SonarQube project and followed the steps with the build wrapper and didn’t have any issues there. After running the Scanner we get an “ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution java.lang.IllegalStateException: An error occurred while analyzing the following compilation unit:” error.

I can not attach the generated file because it exceeds the 4MB size limit for uploads.

The terminal output mentioned providing that file to SonarSource support, is this the correct method of doing so?

Thank you

Hello @jblaker-brightcove,

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Sorry about that, Can you try to upload it somewhere using your favorite tool(dropbox, google drive…) and share the link. If you prefer I can send you a PM to share privately.


Yes, please PM me to share it privately. I’d upload it to our company’s Google Drive but we don’t allow for any external users to view files.

I also came across this today, Sonar scanner broken with iOS 15 - #6 by chrismash, but the addition of the new flags only gave me errors similar to what the other user is seeing.


I also came across this today, Sonar scanner broken with iOS 15 - #6 by chrismash

@jblaker-brightcove, The referenced issue is already fixed.
The issue you are facing is generic, will have to look at the reproducer to diagnose.
if this is the only file failing you can exclude it from the analysis using sonar.exclusions until I have a deeper look.

PM sent!


Reproducer received, thanks!

I noticed that you are on LTS CFamily 6.20. I got misled since you used the SonarCloud tag.
You are probably suffering from the same problem. I will confirm that and get back to you.

My apologies. This is my first foray into SonarQube and still unfamiliar with all the different tools.

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@Abbas any luck with your investigation?

Hi @jblaker-brightcove,

Is it possible for you to try on the latest SQ version?


One of our teams is working on upgrading our install to 9.2. It should be completed by next week.

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