Help . Upgrade sonarqube 7.1 in K8S

Hello all. I have installed some time ago a sonarqube instance in our k8s cluster (azure AKS)
Docker image: sonarqube:7.1.

This version is using tomcat 8.5.23 which was indicated to have a vulnerability and we need to go to tomcat version: 8.5.51 So I have some questions:

How would you upgrade a sonarque instance in k8s and which is the sonarqube version I need to go to update tomcat version to 8.5.51?. Is this possible?
Notes: I didn´t use Helm to install sonarqube I just created deployment , service , ingress, pvc (for data and extensions), and a postgress DB in Azure
and I have never upgrade it so far …shame on me :frowning:

Hey there.

The two currently supported versions of SonarQube, v8.9.9 and v9.5 both use a version of Tomcat greater than v8.5.51.

And there are many, many better reasons to upgrade than just a dependency bump. Make sure you read through What’s New in SonarQube (conveniently we started putting release announcements in this format for SonarQube v7.2!)

Once you’ve upgraded to v7.9 LTS, which is your first stop, you can consider upgrading to SonarQube v8.9 LTS using Helm (this is the first version where it is officially supported).

Hello Colin thank for your reply. as I said I installed all this not using helm and just applying manifests. How would you update to7.9? is just changing the image version in deployment.yaml from 7.1 to 7.9 executing a kubectl set image command?. That will restart also the pods

thank you.

It sounds like you built this on your own, so I can’t say for sure what would work. But using the 7.9 docker image and following the Upgrade Guide (navigating to /setup and triggering the migration) sounds like the right place to start.