Help for non-coder in using sonar

Hi, I’m a non-coder. I created a google app script which I’m proud of. Only thing is I created the script with no coding skill. The script does everything correctly apart from passing a few fields, it successfully passes most fields. So I thought I could use sonar to paste the google app script code into and hopefully sonar can clean the code and I can run it again and get it to work.
I’m stuck on the installation of sonar. I got an IT person to help me, we went the zip route. I’m now stuck where I have created a project but it is asking me to Download and unzip the Scanner for Windows. I’m confused, I was hoping I could just paste the code in and it would analyse and clean it up for me. Can anybody help me with this?


Welcome to the community!

Sorry, but there’s nowhere to paste in your code. The underlying assumption is that you’re analyzing multi-file repositories, rather than single-file scripts.

This just isn’t what Sonar does. Instead, SonarQube will coach you into cleaning the code by raising issues on your code, helping you understand why those issues are problem and what those problems could lead to, and coaching you in the fix.

Much as I hesitate to discourage new users, I think this really isn’t the tool you’re looking for.


Thanks Ann, agreed! Looks like an awesome tool none the less, one I will refer to businesses we come into contact with.

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